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FAQ and Contact – My Backups

FAQ and Contact

FAQ and Helpful Tips

A license is another word for our Storage allocation. When you first purchase our Backup System, you will need to pick a plan to access our Secure servers. This is adjustable so if you quickly run out of space, we can discuss with you your options.
2Upgrading Storage Limts
When you are reaching a limit, we will inform you. Only after discussing it with you, will we upgrade your storage limit. There are many reasons why you may be reaching your limit, and as such, you in fact may just need to tweek a few settings instead of upgrading your entire plan.
3HELP I have Ransomwear!
CryptoLocker and many other Ransom software work by encrypting your files, and charging you £1000's of pounds to get them unlocked. Unfortunately, to get your data back, you will have to pay. Any storage files that are writable will be encrypted as well... Luckily for you if you have MyBackups is that we store your backups off the network. This means, that even if your files locally are encrypted, we will be able to retrieve your backups, and with our trained staff, help remove the virus and get you back up and running.
4Can you set this up for us?
Yes, in fact we recommend it, and its included in the price! when you purchase the license, we will help you set up on any or all your machines, along with making sure the settings are right for you. We can remote in and set you up immediately upon purchase.
5Whats the minimum contract time?
The initial contract is a 12 month contract, after which it becomes a 6 month rolling contract. Support is included in the monthly costs.
6How Secure will my data be?
MyBackups identify all the data coming in and out with your account. No other account can gain access to this data. It encrypts the data at source, with Government Level AES-256 encryption before leaving your PC. Even the Metadata is encrypted! it runs through SSL encryption so all data is completely secure at any given moment in time.
7How Safe will my data be?
MyBackups Datacenters are Tier-IV designed. UPS and backup diesel-generators, are set up to ensure constant power for upto 48hours during a power outage. There are redundant HVAC network, and UPS. Tier-IV is the highest availability level for any data center on the planet... But not only that, the physical security includes 24x7 security personnel, video surveillance, Biometric hand-geometry scanning and proximity key cards. You wont have to be worried about getting access to your data, or anyone getting access unapproved.


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